Teacher: Chris Mead (UK)


This workshop is entirely about ways to support your scene partner and make them look awesome. We often talk about treating our fellow improvisers like artists, geniuses and poets but what are the actual, practical steps in making that happen? We’ll explore techniques drawn from all over the improv map with the ultimate aim of making you so effortlessly supportive that your improv dance card will be fully marked for years to come.

Artists, Geniuses, Poets

  • Chris is a UK-based performer and theatre-maker who teaches and coaches improvisation in London. Chris studied theatre at Royal Holloway College and improvisation at iO (Improv Olympic) and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. He is the co-artistic director of The Nursery Theatre, a space in London dedicated to improv as a theatrical art form. Also a a member of the internationally-renowned ensemble The Maydays, one half of sci-fi duo Project2 and recently co-founded Unmade Theatre Co. to pursue new projects as a director and performer. He’s also the host of YesBot, a podcast about the theory and craft of improv.