Teacher: Ayaka Kinugawa (Japan/Canada)


In this unique hybrid class, Ayaka (Second City Theatricals), will teach musicians how to play for musical improvisation. In this 6 hour course the musicians will learn how to play different genres of music on demand and then apply these skills practically with improvisers in the second half of the day. This class will focus on trusting your instincts as the musical member of the troupe and establishing the dance between Musical Director and Improviser. *Ashley Comeau will help instruct the Improvisers during this class. 


Please note: Musicians (especially piano players) should be at least intermediate. This is not a class to become a musician, but to become a Musical Director). Also, since the Improvisers are there to help the Musicians practice, Improvisers should be advanced.

Improv for Musicians

  • Ayaka is a Japanese musician based in Toronto who is actively involved in the comedy scene. Ayaka holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies and a Diploma in Classical Music. She is a musical director at the Second City and has toured across the USA, as well as the high seas! In addition to her comedy life, she does pop songwriting, most recently for popular Youtube KahoSei Channel with over 7 million views! Ayaka has taught hundreds of Musical Improv workshops, and excels at putting students - musicians and improvisers alike - at ease. When Ayaka is not putting her musician hat on, she performs improv and sketch comedy on stage. Ayaka loves tomatoes. @ayaka.kinugawa