Teacher: Brandon Hackett (Canada)


From satire to silly, every type of improv scene can be more impactful to an audience by sharing truths. This workshop aims to help improvisers take their scenes to the next level by infusing them with more perspective and a point of view no one’s seen before: your own. Learn how to trust that what you have to say is valid as well as funny.

Writing Sketch Comedy Through Improv

  • Brandon started his improvisational journey on his high school’s improv team and somehow managed to turn it into an actual full-blown adulthood career - as an improviser, actor and TV writer. Brandon has been a cast member and writer on the Second City Toronto Mainstage, and has written and performed with numerous popular Canadian Sketch TV shows (including Tall Boys, and This Hour Has 22 Minutes). Brandon’s improvisational focus is on scene creation through point-of-view, strong game-playing, and emotional commitment to the scene. He brings theatricality and intellect to the stage, and would like to encourage his students to always play at the height of their intelligence. He believes that theatre can and should be a force for social change, and improv can be one of the most effective and satisfying ways to achieve it. He loves to share his knowledge and hopes to inspire others to push themselves and their art form to the next level.