Become a Mama City Improv Festival Partner!

Improv has become a hot medium over the last 20 years.  Theatres and training centres have opened in major cities across the globe - from Chicago to Sydney - to share this brilliant art form to entertain, as well as provide educational and business development in confidence, communication and creativity. 


Be part of a global movement and build your brand!

Align your brand with a successful festival that stands for creativity and connection! Winner companies like Nando's and Google are excellent at listening to their audiences, encourage risk-taking and fostering creative thinking on every level...that's IMPROV! 


Open your "office mind" with an improv teambuilding!!

Learn and apply fun improv techniques for building confidence, emotional intelligence and flexibility in your work environment with a facilitated workshop.


Support local performers and trainers in our communities

Local is lekker! Leverage your social investment to build stronger schools and communities.


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